The Brain Whisperer, Steve Campbell: Having No Limits is Limiting

Our brain seem to have a limitless ability to gain and process knowledge–or does it? Can we really place NO limits on ourselves or does that somehow backfire on us? The Brain Whisperer, Steven R. Campbell explains the irony of how NO Limits can overwhelm us and actually be limiting! You’ll find this interesting and … Read more

Sharing His Memories: George Stevens Jr., “My Place In The Sun”

Celebrating Act 2’s Art Kirsch and John Coleman have an extended chat with George Stevens, Jr. about his newly published memoir. “My Place In The Sun.” The Book covers his showbiz family going back well over 100 years but more importantly the accomplishments of Stevens as he strikes out from under the shadow of his … Read more

TCM Film Fest ’22: The Charming Ben Mankiewicz

Hollywood Historian and author of the Forgotten Hollywood books, Manny Pacheco, visits the 2022 TCM Film Fest and runs into their main Primetime Host, Ben Mankiewicz. The charming Ben tells a self-effacing story about Lily Tomlin getting her hands and feet into cement at the TCL Chinese Theater, as well as talking about his famous … Read more

Manny Pacheco’s Forgotten Hollywood: Now Podcasting On Spotify!

Manny Pacheco, Hollywood historian and Celebrating Act 2’s go-to guy for Hollywood, is not only the author of three books–the Forgotten Hollywood, Forgotten History series– he’s also the producer and host of a 90 episode podcast of the same name now available on Spotify! He tells us all about it! For more on Manny Pacheco … Read more

TCM Film Fest ’22: Host Eddie Muller Loves the Fans

Hollywood Historian, and well-known author of “Forgotten Hollywood” book series, Manny Pacheco goes to the TCM Film Festival HQ, The Hollywood Roosevelt hotel and meets TCM Host of “Noir Alley”, Eddie Muller to talk about the festival, films, fans and film noir! For more on Manny Pacheco go to And listen to his podcast … Read more

The Brain Whisperer, Steve Campbell: Does Success Breed Success?

Where does success begin? The Brain Whisperer, Steve Campbell, answers the question, “Does Success breed Success?” with a fascinating discussion of the role your brain plays in your success–both at the beginning of an endeavor and throughout. If you want to be successful you will want to listen to this video for a powerful insight … Read more

The Brain Whisperer, Steve Campbell: 5 Keys to Being Successful

We all want to be successful–in career, relationships and just about everything we do. But why don’t we always achieve it? Steve Campbell has 5 thing to consider and it’s all about YOU. His 5 Keys include some of the things very successful people do but it also starts with reconsidering just what we consider … Read more

Should Hollywood Remake Great Classic Films?

With the advent of Steven Spielberg’s version of West Side Story John and Art discuss with Hollywood Historian, Manny Pacheco, the value of remaking such a ‘classic’ film. Not only will you find your opinion going back and forth, based on the original film and remake, You’ll be shocked to find out just how many … Read more