Herbie J Pilato on Super TV Producer, QUINN MARTIN

Many of our favorite shows seem to come from the same prolific producers, who in their own right become super stars. In this video, TV expert Herbie J Pilato discusses with Celebrating Act 2 the unusually successful QUINN MARTIN. Besides Martin’s many hit series, such as The Fugitive, Barnaby Jones and The Streets Of San … Read more

Gambling – How To Cure The Destructive Habit!

The Gambling habit is one of the most destructive there is! It wrecks families as well as individuals! It’s also one of the hardest to break. But it can be done! Steven R. Campbell explains how to do it and why it can work for you. If you or anyone you know is a gambler … Read more

Manny Pacheco: Celebrating Female Filmmakers

Over the years, women have increasingly moved behind the camera — to be successful writers, directors, producers, editors and more. While women are still not the majority of filmmakers, Hollywood Historian Manny Pacheco takes us back to before 1950 when those women behind the lens were true pioneers. He has time to discuss only a … Read more

Author Herbie J Pilato on the Groundbreaking TV Series, LIFE GOES ON

Author and TV expert, Herbie J Polito talks with Celebrating Act 2 about his tome, Life Story: The Book Of “Life Goes On” , which takes an in-depth look at the groundbreaking television series from 1989 to 1993. Life Goes on was the first show to feature and actor with Down’s Syndrome playing a character … Read more

How To Become Your Own Best Friend!

You’ve heard how we can sometimes be our own worst enemy? We’ll The Brain Whisperer, Steven R Campbell, explains to Celebrating Act 2 how we can avoid that problem by using our brain to become OUR OWN BEST FRIEND! Yes, it’s about replacing all those little negative images we have of ourselves which we don’t … Read more

Actor Peter Lorre …and Friends

Hollywood Historian, Manny Pacheco of Forgotten Hollywood.com, talks about one of filmdom’s favorite character actors, Peter Lorre. Besides discussing his origins and his impressive filmography, Manny discusses with John and Art of Celebrating Act 2™, Lorre’s close friends in the industry including Vincent Price and Humphrey Bogart. They also examine Peter Lorre’s successful pairing with … Read more

How to STOP SMOKING – Is there a ‘Best’ Way?

Stopping Smoking is one of those age-old problems that never seems to be solved! As Steve Campbell explains, the METHOD of the solution is different for everyone…BUT he also explains that the common denominator of every solution is our BRAIN…and how we think! That’s where the answer lies …and in this video he shows us … Read more

Herbie J Pilato: Remembering Sonny & Cher

They were the new face of a generation and a major influence in television –Sonny & Cher! In this chat with TV expert and historian, Herbie J Pilato, Art and John of Celebrating Act 2 travel back to the 1970s to the pop duo’s beginning of TV success. They follow Sonny & Cher’s career through … Read more

Another Great Year For Film: 1962

Following up on the semi-controversial opinion that 1939 was the “Greatest Year” in movies, (in a previous video) Film Historian Manny Pacheco of Forgotten Hollywood.com, offers his personal favorite year for our consideration: 1962. Of course, he can back up his opinion with a lot of examples and both Art and John of Celebrating Act … Read more

Film ‘Heavies’ & Bad Guys

As movie-goers we love a really really bad villian–they make for great drama. In industry parlance the bad guy is “The Heavy.” Some of the most memorable movie tough guys have gone on to become big stars, others just continued to thrill us with their intimidating on-screen persona. In this video Hollywood Historian, Manny Pacheco … Read more