Art Kirsch, Taiji: My Drug Of Choice

Hi, this is Art Kirsch, a co-founder and significant troublemaker at Celebrating Act 2™ . Taiji is my drug of choice. I have practiced Taiji (Tai Chi) for over a ten years with hundreds of people, at several locations from classrooms, to parks, to the beach and recently via Zoom. I have created this page to provide links to a variety of videos I have shot over the years on a variety of devices (smartphones, pro-sumer cameras, sports cameras, Zoom or submitted by others).  This page is for the many people I have, and continue to practice with. Enjoy. Please Subscribe to our YouTube channel where you'll find lots of stories you will probably find of interest.

GUPA, Celebrating Act 2™ to the Max

Traditional Yang Style 108-Moves

Eight Pieces Of Brocade

Ross Costa Exercises for Balance

Emeritus Short Form Vince McCullough

Short Sun Form for Saddleback Students

Tendon Stretching QiGong, Lam Tran

Yang 24 Form, Lam Tran Detailed Explanation

Chen Form, Lam Tran Complete

Chen Form, Lam Tran 1 of 8

Chen Form, Lam Tran 2 of 8

Chen Form, Lam Tran 3 of 8

Chen Form, Lam Tran 4 of 8

Chen Form, Lam Tran 5 of 8

Chen Form, Lam Tran 6 of 8

Chen Form, Lam Tran 7 of 8

Chen Form, Lam Tran 8 of 8

18 Forms, Detailed Explanation by Vince McCullough