18 Forms – Complete Set

Taiji (Tai Chi) Master and retired football coach, Vince McCullough, makes it easy to learn Taiji. The Qi Gong ("che-gong") is any routine that consists of a series of short movements or exercises, called Forms. Note: Taiji is closer to the Chinese pronunciation than Tai Chi, which was based on the British transliteration of Chinese.

In this series of videos Vince demonstrates 18 very popular forms (there are thousands) one at a time so you can follow along. Most of the forms have descriptive and colorful names to help you remember them. Each form or movement is said to have specific benefits for your body, which Vince also explains.

Be  sure to watch our video, Tai Chi Warmup Exercises (also under HEALTH) in which Vice McCullough narrates as Wendy Ma demonstrates all these 18 forms in one continuous Qi Gong.

Taiji is an ancient Chinese art of exercise designed to integrate your mind and body, control your movement and breathing and generate internal energy, mindfulness and serenity. There are many styles of Taiji and many variations of forms. Since millions of people around the world practice Taiji daily reaping the benefits, we hope this introduction will inspire you to give it a try.  Let us know if you enjoy it!


Form 1

Form 2

Form 3

Form 4

Form 5

Form 6

Form 7

Form 8

Form 9

Form 10

Form 11

Form 12

Form 13

Form 14

Form 15

Form 16

Form 17

Form 18

Closing Remarks