What To Do When You’re Over 50 and Want To Fix the World! CA2_0003

John and Art , the co-founders of Celebrating Act 2.com, ask why aren’t people over 50 served by the media? Are you over 50? There’s really nothing on TV to help anyone deal with life after 50. People are now living longer and doing more! The “retired generations” are busier than ever.  We’re still working, playing and spending money at ages when our parents were infirm or deceased. Yet our demographic is at best ignored — and often looked down upon — by the mass media. It’s the reason why Art and John created Celebrating Act 2 .com— to serve the millions in this diverse audience. They discuss the different generations in the ‘over 50’ set and ask viewers to share stories of information, inspiration and entertainment.  Subscribe to us on YouTube and go directly to CelebratingAct2.com to see all our videos-not just Art and John talking!

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