YES! You Can DO It OVER!

Too often in life we re-live the pain of our mistakes thinking it’s TOO LATE to fix it! But highly respected Love & Relationship Coach Michele Fabrega, wants you to know that’s rarely true! In this video, “YES, You can DO IT OVER!” she helps you deal with your mistakes and failings and gives you … Read more

Manny Pacheco’s Forgotten Hollywood: Actors & True Friends

It’s often said that everything about Hollywood is phony but Hollywood Historian Manny Pacheco, author of the Forgotten Hollywood series of books, proves that’s not true as he discusses some of the forgotten friendships among famous actors. You’ll be surprised at the deep dedication among true lifelong friends of Hollywood Stars! For more on Manny … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: The Importance Of Antioxidants

The term Antioxidants has become common but what is it all about? What do Antioxidants really do for us? Jut how important are they? For this Celebrating Act 2 video, Dr Liz MD breaks it all down and explains what they are and how important they are in fighting toxins and pathogens bombarding our bodies … Read more

Is there such a thing as the “A” Table?

Will slipping the maitre d a tip get you a better table? Is it myth or is there any truth to this urban legend? World traveler, restaurant critic and publisher of The Virtual Gourmet newsletter, John Mariani delves into the issue and reveals the actual facts–which you may not like! Get ready! He tells it … Read more

Bill Jordan: Hi-Tech Old School v the Future

If you’re a Baby Boomer or anywhere over 50, it’s easy to remember all the Hi-Tech advancements we’ve seen in our lifetime. Remember 8 Track tapes? or 45 rpm records? There’s thousands of examples. Now think about what our grandchildren will say when they look back upon today’s Tech! Bill Jordan shares his unique and … Read more

John Mariani The Virtual Gourmet: His Radio Show is Eclectic and Fun!

Besides running his free weekly newsletter, The Virtual Gourmet, and writing books, John Mariani also does a weekly radio show. He discusses how it has changed to become more eclectic and yet keep all the fun and intellectual inquisitiveness he has been know for. For more on John Mariani go to And Listen to … Read more

Longing & Discontent: An INVITATION TO CHANGE!

Have you ever found yourself in a repetitive spiral of longing and discontentment often feeding each other? How do you deal with the negativity of these moods and how can you stop wallowing in the unhappiness they bring? Love and Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega explains this not-uncommon situation and offers perspective as well as practical … Read more

Manny Pacheco’s Forgotten Hollywood: TV vs Movies – Historic Competition!

The Media Landscape was quite different back in the Post-WWII era as Movie Studios were seriously threatened by the advent of TV –The result was decades of competition that changed feature films and made Television what it would be until the Internet age! Hollywood Historian Manny Pacheco discusses with Art and john of Celebrating Act … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: Essential Oils — Do They Work?

When Art and John raise the question of the science behind Essential Oils, Dr Liz is there with the facts. She discusses how they are made and how they work in the body as well as some of the different kinds of essential oils and their benefits. You’ll be surprised at how important these products … Read more