Bill Jordan’s Practice #6: 2 ears/1 Mouth

Baby Boomer/Philosopher Bill Jordan has collected 15 Practices to live your life by–the idea is to help us all live a happier, more fulfilling, meaningful life. Art Kirsch and John Coleman of CelebratingAct2™ get Bill talking about Practice #6 and why it’s so meaningful to him –and useful to so many others!  

The Brain Whisperer: How to Resolve Your ANGER!

Everyone gets angry at some time but some folks have trouble letting go of the anger–resolving the feelings! Celebrating Act 2™’s regular contributor, Steven R. Campbell, also known as “The Brain Whisperer” shares some secrets — intellectual and emotional– on how to resolve your angry feelings so they don’t expand and get you into trouble. … Read more

The Virtual Gourmet Explains TRUE TAPAS

Dining A fun, popular and delicious dining experience is often the way a TAPAS restaurant is described. John Mariani, publisher of The Virtual Gourmet, takes it one step further and defines the TRUE elements of Tapas–and the original Spanish concept behind these trendy restaurants. If you haven’t been to a Tapas Bar, you’ll want to … Read more

The Reality of Over 55 Communities

Some people call them “Retirement” communities but what’s the reality behind those gates? Celebrating Act 2™’s founders, Art Kirsch and John Coleman, talk with their friend Anne Ganguzza who, just turning 55, is considered ‘the kid in her age 55+ community. She’s still actively working her voice-over business from a home studio and is by … Read more

Trading Your Troubles Away?

Baby Boomer/Philosopher, Bill Jordan, creator of the EMBRACE THE BOOM Movement loves those moments of truth that his us between the eyes. On of his favorites is when people are asked if they would trade all their problems for the whole bag of problems belonging to someone else. Don’t be so sure what your answer … Read more

The Virtual Gourmet Asks: Are American’s Intimidated by Fine Dining?

Are we just a more casual society or are Americans actually intimidated by all the trappings of a FINE DINING experience? John Mariani, internationally respected Food & Travel Writer and publisher of The Virtual Gourmet, talks about the elements of a Fine Dining experience and why Americans don’t seem to support many such high end … Read more

Laugh-In: Fast & Funny TV

Want a good Laugh? Go back to the original “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in” produced by George Schlatter! Herbie J Pilato, author, producer and expert in the world of classic television, talks to Art Kirsch and John Coleman of Celebrating Act 2 about tis very special comedy series and its historical precedents. There’s lots of fun … Read more

The Brain Whisperer: 4 ways to Flourish During the Pandemic

Steven R. Campbell, aka, “The Brain Whisperer”, sympathizes with everyone who has had a rough time dealing with the pandemic. More than sympathy, he offers viewers 4 specific ways to deal with–and FLOURISH– despite the fatigue and depression so common as a result of pandemic protocols. Steve explains to Art Kirsch and John Coleman of … Read more

How is it 8 Years after ‘Retirement”?

It’s been 8 years since Bill Jordan left Radio and eventually created the EMBRACE THE BOOM Movement! Is this retirement? How is life different? Anything like he expected? Art Kirsch and John Coleman of Celebrating Act 2™ grill the happy baby-boomer and coax the whole story out of him about this ‘retirement’ thingy. It’s not … Read more

Muriel’s Angels – A Second Act Labor Of Love Story

John Ludwig

The Celebrating Act 2™ audience is made up of people who are living longer, healthier lives than generations past. So many of us are starting second and third careers, hobbies and trying new and challenging things like never before. Our guest today, John Ludwig, has succeeded in many Act 2s, not the least of which … Read more