Celebrating Act 2 is proud to add THE BRAIN WHISPERER—Steven R. Campbell to our list of expert contributors to help our subscribers get the most out of life at every age. We recommend you begin with our initial interview with Steve from October 2020, in which he tells us about his personal journey to becoming “The Brain Whisperer.” Then, be sure to watch his first 4 foundational videos next as we publish each one in early 2021. They will explain why and how his methods work and motivate you to change your life for the better. Finally, over time you’ll discover new Celebrating Act 2 videos with Steve addressing specific life issues you will find useful. These will apply the principles you’ve learned in his 4 foundational videos. They may be about anything from losing weight to learning optimism—but they’ll all help you change your life for the better.      CLICK HERE to visit his website

The Brain Whisperer, Steven R. Campbell, Reinventing Yourself

John and Art meet the nationally known lecturer, author and coach known as the “Brain Whisperer.” Steven R. Campbell shares ...
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