Favorite Football Movies

Art and John of Celebrating Act 2™ chat with Manny Pacheco about football themed movies. As a Hollywood Historian, Manny brings to the conversation a perspective going back to the silent era. You’ll be surprised at the titles they come up with…some of which you’ll remember. But they can’t exhaust the subject so you will … Read more

Dr. Liz Vitamin D Kills Cancer

In a shockingly bold proclamation Dt Liz MD tells the Celebrating Act 2™ audience about new research which emphasizes the importance of Vitamin D in not just fighting but KILLING CANCER! This important stuff we’ve heard nowhere else. Given the high rates of cancer in the last decades, Dr. Liz’ information could be a lifesaver … Read more

Holiday Eating and Dieting

It seems we can’t have a feast without subsequent dieting! So from Halloween to New Year’s every year we’re consumed with what we consume! Yep, dieting is inevitable but bill Jordan, John Coleman and Art Kirsch make it fun to talk about!  

60 Second Dog Training Tip: When to Get Pro Help

Training your dog by yourself? Hit a wall? Popular animal behavior and training expert, Sarah Surritt of Get Pawsitive, shares another 60 second training tip with the Celebrating Act 2™ audience. Sarah has a Short and very practical solution!

Brown Spirits-Whiskey, Scotch, Etc.

What’s the difference between Whiskey, Bourbon and Scotch? Food and travel writer John Mariani, respected publisher of The VIrtual Gourmet newsletter, explains it all to the Celebrating Act 2™ founders, Art Kirsch and John Coleman. Some fun stories, some history of distilled spirits and some good information for anyone who loves a good cocktail are … Read more

Handling That Problem Relative At The Family Gathering

When family’s get together for the Holidays –or any occasion really– it’s not uncommon to find one person who seems to be a problem. It might be just a clash of personalities, some family history, or it may be a relative with a real problem interacting with everyone–not just you! Celebrating Act 2’s Love & … Read more

Dr Liz Happy Healthy Hour

Dr Liz tells Art and John of Celebrating Act 2™ about her upcoming special event to help us LOSE WEIGHT! It’s called the HEALTHY HAPPY HOUR just for the holidays. It features a weight loss program she recommends for her patients, as well as individual coaching and community support. It’s an online event and you … Read more

Surprise: Same Day Coincidence

Hollywood Historian Manny Pacheco has a surprise for John Coleman and Art Kirsch of Celebrating Act 2™ — a series of historical film-related coincidences that will shock you and make you question your memory! Can you guess what he will be talking about? Watch and be surprised! and let us know what you think of … Read more

Dr. Liz MD: Mindful Holiday Eating

Holidays almost always mean food! Banquets, parties, dinners and more! Dr Liz offers some helpful advice about moderating our intake of food during this season to stay healthy and happy throughout the year! It’s not about dieting…it’s about being mindful of what–and how much– we are eating. Good practical advice for all of us!

Great War Movies!

The drama of war has been captured in so many ways for so many years by cinema, it’s a question of what kind of war movie is best? Or is it? Join Manny Pacheco and Celebrating Act 2™’s Art Kirsch and John Coleman as the debate and ruminate about the different ways war has been … Read more