The A Players “At The Mambo Inn”

We recorded the A Players as part of the Bill A. Jones concert we captured for Celebrating Act 2™. Band leader Paul McDonald has the six musicians sounding like a classic big band — perfect for Bill A. Jones singing the great standards. But they are a fantastic band in their own right as you … Read more

The Art Of Changing

Licensed Therapist Lesa Vander Bie took up painting to deal with grief and discovered a part of herself she didn’t know existed! Now both as a successful emerging artist and a successful professional therapist, Lesa shared her joyous story with Celebrating Act 2™ as a lesson for everyone over 50 who may want to make … Read more


As one of the leading research centers in the US dedicated to Alzheimer’s and Dementia, UCI Mind is at the forefront in finding a cure. In this segment, two of the institute’s top researchers, Megan Witbracht, Ph.D., Associate Project Scientist, and Elizabeth Sosa, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist, discuss how they work with patients and families and … Read more

Alzheimer’s Or Just ‘Senior Moments’ ?

If you’re worried about Alzheimer’s or dementia in yourself or your loved one you will often wonder about those little “Senior Moments.” How serious are they? Are they related to Alzheimer’s? An early warning sign perhaps? In this video, UCI MIND Associate Project Scientist, Megan Witbracht, Ph.D. and Registered Psychologist, Elizabeth Sosa, Ph.D., discuss the … Read more

Alzheimer’s: Early Treatments and Clinical Trials at UCI MIND

Researchers at UCI Mind are now finding some brain abnormalities which allow them to assess Alzheimer’s before symptoms even occur! This early diagnosis allows early treatment and holds great potential. UCI MIND researchers, Associate Project Scientist Megan Witbracht, Ph.D. and Registered Psychologist Elizabeth Sosa, Ph.D., discuss this exciting development and mention how you can sign … Read more