Words To Live By: Practice #14

Bill Jordan, Celebrating Act 2™’s favorite Boomer-Philosopher, is known for sharing every piece of wisdom he can find. His “15 Practices” are his contribution to share what works for him (and for almost everyone else) to live a happier more fulfilling life. In this video Art and John ask bill for his favorite. It could … Read more

Best Size Dog: BIG v Small?

What do you need to know about picking the size of your dog? It’s more than just about looks. There’s some very important considerations which will affect your long-term relationship with your pet companion! Animal Trainer and Behaviorist, Sarah Surritt of Get Pawsitive shares these insights with the Celebrating Act 2™ senior audience. Be sure … Read more

About Detroit!

One of America’s great cities has fallen on hard times–and not just because of COVID-19. Food and Travel expert, John Mariani of The Virtual Gourmet, knows Detroit well and had what might be called an update. There are hopeful signs, he says, but still lots to be desired. John clearly loves the city and it’s … Read more

Plan Your Sensual & Sexual Adventure!

Celebrating Act 2™’s expert Love & Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega, offers a great insight into couple’s intimate dynamics in this video. Sensual & Sexual Adventures can rejuvenate a romance and a relationship… but Michele suggests there’s also fun to be had in just making plans for such escapades. Sometimes we just need to look at … Read more

Hollywood’s ‘Pre-Code’ Women!

Hollywood Historian, Manny Pacheco delves into the difference in actresses and women’s roles before and after the “Hayes Code” of the 1930’s. Think of Mae West, Marlene Dietrich, Grata Garbo and others who before censorship could be bawdy, overtly sexual and influential – not only on screen but in the halls of power in the … Read more

The Meaning Of Labor Day!

Bill Jordan, creator of “Embrace The Boom” movement talks with Art and John of Celebrating Act 2™ about Labor Day– a national holiday for well over 100 years! Is it out of date? What really is being honored? Should it matter if you’re retired and no longer ‘laboring’ or working? our favorite Boomer-Philosopher has some … Read more

Air Travel in the Age of COVID-19

Air travel during the pandemic has been very controversial. Celebrating Act 2™ has a special report from member/subscriber Libby Perry detailing her family’s recent experience flying cross country. It’s a great analysis from an active traveler of what’s actually happening now. Whether or not you plan on flying anytime soon, you should see this interview! … Read more