Hormones and Premature Aging

One question everyone over 50 asks is how do I stay young? Or put another way, how can I prevent premature aging? Hormones –there are many hormones in our body–can have a great effect on our body aging as well as whether we FEEL old before our time. Celebrating Act 2™’s regular contributing medical expert … Read more

Rick Sherman Is Playing Our Song

Celebrating Act 2™ founders Art Kirsch and John Coleman interview their old friend, entertainer, musician, music composer, sound mixer and more, Rick Sherman of Sherman Sound Suite in Irvine, CA. Rick talks about his 40+ year career in bot clubs and the studios creating and mixing scores and songs for TV and Film. The friends … Read more

Is your Perfect Pet a REPTILE?

The third video in a series from Celebrating Act 2™ special guest expert Sarah Surritt of Get Pawsitive on picking the right pet for you…this one on Reptiles — not for everyone but don’t miss this video! It’s filled with some interesting information–and you may reconsider your choice of pets after this.

Menu Collection Reflects History & Culture

Food and Travel writer John Mariani has been collecting menus from great restaurants he has reviewed for over 40 years. He’s donated his historic collection to benefit culinary students and chefs of the future. Besides being works of art they are cultural landmarks and historical records of great gastronomy of the late 20th century. John … Read more

Clarissa Burt: From Model to Media Mogul

Clarissa Burt’s journey to entrepreneur – TV/Video producer, public speaker, author, writer, inventor, award-Winning actress and entertainer has all the makings of a best selling novel. At 18, Clarissa was a top model with the Wilhelmina modeling agency in Manhattan. Soon after she moved to Milan and quickly began appearing on hundreds of magazine covers … Read more

Dr. Liz on Hormones Forever?

A specialist in Hormones, Dr Liz Lyster, answers her most Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) “Once I start on hormone replacement therapy do I have to stay on it forever?” The co-founders of Celebrating Act 2™have plenty of follow up questions which help clarify the very common therapy which engenders lots of confusion in both men … Read more

Picking the Perfect Pet – Pocket Pets

In her efforts to help us find the perfect pet just right for us, Sarah Surritt looks at the pros and cons of ‘Pocket Pets’ –those cute, small critters like mice and hamsters that can fit in your pocket! Sarah is one of a number of regular contributors who bring their expert advice to Celebrating … Read more

Facts On Male Menopause from Dr Liz MD

The founders of Celebrating Act 2™, Art Kirsch and John Coleman, turn to contributing medical expert, Dr Liz Lyster MD for the facts on what many consider to be only a myth: MALE MENOPAUSE! Dr Liz sets the record straight and explains about natural hormone production in the body as well as hormone replacement therapy. … Read more

5 Tips to Pick The Perfect Pet

Celebrating Act 2™ invited Animal Behavior and Training Consultant, Sarah Surritt of Get Pawsitive, to help seniors (and others) pick just the right pet for them. Sarah starts with 5 keywords to guide you BEFORE you buy or adopt a pet of any kind! It’s good advice for every animal lover!