Bill A. Jones’ River Song Medley

If you love the sound of a swing band and the old standards, known as ‘The Great American Songbook’, you’ll love Bill A. Jones’ current nightclub act! He charms his audience with a wide selection of familiar tunes mixed with entertaining banter. The musical arrangements by Paul McDonald, along with his talented players, keep you … Read more

Dr Liz Lyster discusses the H word

Dr. Liz Lyster is an OB/GYN medical doctor, best-selling author and speaker, and an expert in perimenopause and menopause. In her private practice in the San Francisco Bay area, she helps women and men in midlife and beyond lose weight, have more energy, increase their motivation and drive, and generally feel great. She graduated from … Read more

Difference Between Pensions – 401K, IRA, etc.

Pension holders need to understand how their retirement plan differs from a 401K, IRA or other. Pensions offer advantages and some confusing options. Celebrating Act 2 asked our favorite CPA, Bret McMillan, to explain how pensions work and give an overview of what to do before retirement to get the most out of our savings.