Have Italian Wine Laws Become A Farce?

Have Italian Wine Laws Become A Farce? We all know that wine production in places like Italy and France are carefully regulated –at least in terms of accurate labeling for the public. It’s long been the case that you could expect the wine to match the description on the label, thanks to the authorities. But … Read more

Remembering Drive-in Theaters

Celebrating Act 2™ founders, Art Kirsch and John Coleman discuss with Hollywood Historian, Manny Pacheco, the era of Drive In Theaters. The movies, the outdoor atmosphere., the food and the cultural shift that helped make them impractical are among many of their nostalgic comments. Join the conversation and share your memories!

Donnalynn Polito Short & Sweet Tips: Arm Slide+Fork Down

Donnalynn Polito Short & Sweet Tips: Arm Slide+Fork Down Exercise & Nutrition Expert, Donnalynn Polito, continues her series of videos combining one short exercise with one ‘sweet’ tip about eating well. The result is an easy way to stay fit and healthy at any age! Donnalynn explains how today’s exercise, The Arm Slide, will help … Read more

Bring Your SEXY Back! (for Women)

You don’t have to lose your libido because of age! Dr Liz Lyster offers some very real world approaches to getting your ‘SEXY” back! She discusses lifestyle, hormones and more! Gotta see this!

Transform Your Life: How To Be Optimistic

Transform Your Life: How To Be Optimistic Ever feel that most of your thoughts are negative? Welcome to the club! Here, Steven Campbell, the Brain Whisperer, shows us how to be optimistic. Optimists think differently..and it can be learned! You can choose what you think and Steve gives you three techniques to employ…as well as … Read more

Reflections On Mother’s Day & Father’s Day

Of course we love our Mother…but is Mother’s Day –and for that matter Fathers’ Day –a phony holiday made up by the greeting card industry? And do we care any more? Our three intrepid conversationalists dip into tepid water to solve this age old dilemma with a lot of humor. For more on Bill Jordan … Read more

Donnalynn Polito – All ABOUT Her Short & Sweet videos

Personal trainer and exercise nutritional expert, Donnalynn Polito, explains to Art and John of Celebrating Act 2 just what her new video series is all about and how it can help people improve their fitness 2 ways! As she explains, the Short & Sweet title signals that each video contains a short, single, physical exercise … Read more

Does Today’s Food MEDIA Demonize Food with P.C.?

Since Covid-19 has turned the world of dining upside down we wonder what the Food Media is doing! our expert Food and Travel writer, John Mariani, has the inside track on what’s happening in the restaurant industry as well as the media that report on it. Simultaneously there’s been a rush to political correctness by … Read more

How To Have A Conversation About SAFER SEX

In this modern era, no two people in a sexual relationship should avoid the question of how to have Safe Sex! Whether the relationship is new or old, there’s lots to talk about… and Love & Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega, lays it all out for viewers of Celebrating Act 2™. In the process she breaks … Read more

Twitch Upon A Star: Elizabeth Montgomery Biography by Herbie J Pilato

Celebrating Act 2 talks with pop culture and TV history expert, Herbie J Pilato about one of his most popular books, ‘Twitch upon A Star,’ a biography of popular actress, Elizabeth Montgomery. Based on author Herbie J Pilato’s exclusive interviews with Elizabeth Montgomery prior to her death in 1995, Twitch Upon a Star includes insider … Read more